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How it works!

1) Take the onesie/sleeper/ undergarment and put it on the child/adult. With a marker gently indicate on the fabric of the garment where the tube touches it.

2) Remove the garment from the person. Cut a hole where marks indicate the tube was touching the garment. 

3) Place a towel on the table or counter top (if no ironing board is available. Place the garment on the towel or ironing board.

4) Take the Down the Hatch Patch out of the packaging and open the flap. Line up the newly cut hole in the garment with the precut hole in the patch.

5) Make sure the shiny glue side is touching the garment.

6) Set the iron on the cotton/linen setting.

7) Allow time for the iron to get hot.

8) Making sure the iron is hot, place the iron on garment cloth.

9) Line up the holes on the garment and the patch.

10) Place the iron back on the patch and garment hold the pressure for 30 to 35 seconds. (40 to 45 seconds for heavy fabrics such as denim). The goal is to melt the adhesive on the back of the patch into the fabric of the garment.

11) Pick the iron up and repeat the process for any unheated areas. Turn garment inside out and iron the back/inside.

12) Allow the patch and the garment to cool.

13) Do not attempt to iron the patch on garments that cannot accept the highest heat setting on an iron. For example: leather, silk or nylon


The Down the Hatch Patch is a preventative device and should be used as such.  It is an accessory and claims no medical guarentees.

Patent Pending


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