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Free Arm and Down the Hatch team up for an exciting giveaway!!

#ThankfulTubieGiveaway! 😍❤️😍 Enter to win a FreeArm in the color of your choice and 7 white Down the Hatch Patches that you can decorate any way that you can dream of! The FreeArm Tube Feeding Assistant holds a bolus syringe, gravity bag or pump and feedbag. The FreeArm makes traveling a breeze. Easy tube feeding anywhere, anytime! Learn more at ❤️ Play along: 1. Follow and @downthehatchpatch on Instagram and like this post. 2. Like FreeArm Tube Feeding Assistant and Down the Hatch Patch on Facebook. 3. Tag a fellow tubie below and tell us where you'd love to eat while using your FreeArm and DTHP! Bonus points for sharing this giveaway on your page and in your Instagram story!

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